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Research publications, writing projects & policy contribution

Below are some of the key publications I have lead and/or contributed to in the fields of mental health research, policy and practice. If you need specialist advice in areas such as writing research grant applications, project supervision, or patient and public involvement, just get in touch. Similarly, if you would like to collaborate in any of my research areas, I am always open to connecting with new ideas.
For a full publication list see below.


Untreatable of unable to treat? Creating more effective and accessible treatment for long-standing and severe eating disorders

Joan Marsh's Editorial, "The (il)legitimacy of death as an option", on the subject of our paper, "Untreatable or unable to treat?"

Creating Positive Experiences of Involvement in Mental Health Research


The Practical Handbook of Eating Difficulties

MEED guidelines, 2022

A Guide to Psychiatric Examination, chapter 1

Publication List Here

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